Sick of filling in forms? Let us do it for you.

Synapse’s new form filling service is here – Just provide a few details and we’ll do the rest!

Our software will instantaneously complete all Medicare and Health Fund registration forms in your State or Territory (including TAC in Victoria).

It works like this

After providing your details, as if by magic, each of the funds and Medicare’s actual registration forms will appear in your inbox, fully populated with all required information, and instructions to forward the forms by email to the relevant payer. We even check your ABN along the way to make sure an incorrect match doesn’t cause rejected applications, plus there’s a cool electronic signature feature.

Just three simple steps

1. Provide your details 2. Confirm and pay
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3. Forward forms to payers from your inbox



Why use Syn-filla?

Using Syn-filla will take less than 15 minutes of your time. Sure you can do this yourself but it will take a little longer – about two days!

A common registration form journey

Spend hours finding correct forms on multiple websites, download and print, manually enter the same data in different positions on each form for each organisation. Then scan files and other documents ready to send to the funds, third party insurers, Veterans and Medicare. Show more

Once those tasks are completed you will need to identify exactly where to send the forms, but then if the fund, institution or third party payer can’t read your handwriting or the scan was crooked or something critical was cut off at the bottom of the page or was too faint, or you inadvertently missed something, mistyped your bank details or sent it to the wrong addressee, you may not be told…Months later you may become aware of a problem, when you can’t verify patients online, or your claims are rejecting and you suddenly realise that a long amount of time has passed and you haven’t received any confirmation emails or letters. By that time, feeling a bit irritable you might try to follow up the payer with a “please explain” email or even a phone call, only to discover you filled in the wrong form or furnished an incorrect detail or sent it to the wrong address…at which point you may find yourself starting all over again.

We know how much of a pain this process is because we’ve been doing it for decades, so let us relieve you of it.

And we will always keep the forms updated as the funds make changes. Show less

How much does it cost?

  • $299 one time user (ex GST)
  • $249 returning user (ex GST)

Before you start

Have your ABN, AHPRA number, provider number/s and bank details ready, but don’t worry, we will check that everything that’s supposed to match, actually does. Let’s Go…


Or to find out more contact us here.