So much more than just the MBS in an app.

What sets us apart is that we don’t just innovate, we have a workforce and an encyclopaedic knowledge of Australian medical billing. We’re not just the software, but the service as well.

But… we recognise that some of you have your own staff to do the leg work but still want to benefit from Australia’s first and most comprehensive, patented, medical billing app. If this sounds like you, read on…

Synapps houses a rules engine based on extensive research, 30 years of experience and a deep understanding of the legal and administrative framework of Medicare. And we are committed to programming all of what we estimate to be about one million Medicare billing permutations into the app, one by one, for as long as it takes. Because it’s the labyrinth in e-claiming rules hidden in the code that are what clinicians need.

  • Includes Australia’s only fully compliant, mobile, bulk bill function. No more carrying around bulk bill vouchers for those home visits or outpatient department consultations.
  • Enter data from your ward rounds and theatre lists which your staff can access instantly and export to generate the bills.
  • The rules engine prompts you to capture all required claiming details so your rejection rates drop and you get paid for the work you do on time.
  • No more stickers and pockets full of paper. Bill at the point of service while the information is fresh in your mind.
  • Pictures converted to text within hours.

Just $1 Per Day

From just $1 per day you can have the Synapps innovation but retain your own staff, who will have access to the working end of the app.

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