Synapps Billing App FAQs

Patent 2013255082.

Where can I bill patients from?

You can bill your patients from anywhere within the patient’s tab or the billing tab.

Where can I send from?

You can send from the billing list only. The app will automatically take you there once you have finished creating your list. This is where you can do final checks and make changes before sending your billings.

Where can I see what you received?

In the ‘sent billings’ tab of your app.

How do I know whether my claims have been processed?

You will receive live updates in the ‘sent billings’ tab as your billings are being processed. Here’s an explanation of the various statuses you will see:

New – we have received your billing

In Progress – we are processing your billing

Final Check – a team leader is doing final quality assurance to ensure compliance

Completed – done and sent!

Delayed – it appears your claims have missing or incorrect information, or something just doesn’t make sense! Our senior billers are reviewing. You don’t have to do anything. We will contact you for clarification if necessary.

Claims Pending – we have completed and sent everything we can, but are missing information on some claims. We have tried to obtain the missing information ourselves but have been unsuccessful. You have received an email or call from us.

Query – we have contacted you 3 times by email for missing information, but have not received a reply. We know you are busy but we can’t make up billing details and need your help. No further action will be taken until we hear from you.

On Hold – usually a provider registration issue. You don’t need to do anything. We will contact you.

Date of service

The default setting for date of service is today’s date, but you can change this to ‘ask’ in your setting. Please check the date of service and change it if necessary. You can also change the date of service for each patient on a billing list – they may all have a different date of service.

Can I put in an item number and not send it straight away – for example, can I wait until the patient is discharged and send all the billings together?

Yes you can. The app allows you to store billing lists at each of your locations. You can send the list when the patient has been discharged or whenever you are ready.

Are all the patients you imported to my app patients I have billed before?

Yes. We import the demographics for all the patients Synapse has submitted claims for on your behalf.

Is the billing history of the patients meant to be there?

No, only patient demographics have been imported. The billing history commences once you send your first billings from the app. After that, you can view the patient’s billing history on the app.

Why don’t I have any referring doctors in my app?

If you are a GP or an anaesthetist, you do not need referring doctors as a rule. If you ever provide a referred service, you can simply add the referring doctor name and provider number to that claim.

What are ‘recently added’ patients?

We know that sometimes you need to get patient stickers quickly, but don’t have time there and then to finalise the claim. That’s what ‘recently added’ patients are: they are waiting to be placed in a location and billed. To make them easily accessible for you, we have programmed them to appear on all of your lists until you bill them.

You can do this a few ways:

  • Quickly create a ‘new patient’, enter first name, last name, take a picture of the patient sticker, select ‘referring doctor’ and ‘referral date’ and save. It will appear as ‘recently added’, so you can bill it later
  • As above, except that you press ‘save’ without entering the referring doctor details. It will appear as ‘recently added’, so you can bill it later, remembering to add the referring doctor details

Where is the patient’s billing history located?

Each patient billed on the app has a stored billing history. The date and item number are listed for you, with the most recent claim at the top of the list.

What if I want to bill each patient for the day by a different method – such as no-gap, known-gap or bulk bill?

No Problem. Just change the billing type for each patient, either as you bill them or just before you send in the billing list.

What if I have a billing list for today that includes a patient I forgot to bill yesterday?

Just change the date of service for that one patient. You can do this just before you finalise and send your claims.

How do I leave special instructions about the patients for you?

Each claim has a dedicated ‘notes’ field. This is a free text field where you can leave special instructions for us.

Can I take photos of the patient stickers and bill everyone later?

Yes. See the question above about ‘recently added’ patients.

Can I send my claims one patient at a time, or do I have to wait and send a whole list of claims?

You can send your claims whenever and however you want. This app is designed to allow you to practice as you always have and in whatever way is easiest for you. We have designed back-end functionality to manage the way we know doctors like to work. Send one patient every five minutes or one every hour if you like. Go for it!

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