Billing Services FAQs

What systems do you use?

Synapse employs the most up-to-date software designed for use in medical billing.
We continuously review the market to keep abreast of the latest developments in customised electronic systems. We are fully enabled for Eclipse, which means we can submit claims online to Medicare, all the health funds and Veterans Affairs.

Does money collected go into my account or yours?

Unlike some billing services, which hold your money in trust accounts, Synapse ensures you have immediate access to the money you generate. Payment for claims submitted by Synapse go directly into your account. We further expedite your payments through expert knowledge of the health funds and third-party payers. Using Synapse is faster than doing your own billing or training your clinic staff to do it.

How long does Synapse take to process my billings?

About 4 hours! We are the fastest of any billing company in Australia. Whilst Synapse promises a strict five-business-day turnaround for processing your claims, we almost never take that long unless there is missing or incorrect information that we are following up. Plus you can check how long we are taking via live updates on your app.

When will I receive payment?

Payments will start appearing in your bank account within two to four days of Synapse submitting your claims. Payment turnaround times vary according to the health fund. Most funds take from two to five business days, but a small number take from five to 10 business days to process your claims.

There is one exception to this schedule: a small number of claims are held up or rejected by Medicare or the health funds – possibly because more information, or amended details, are needed to proceed. A delayed or rejected claim in your billing batch will not delay payment of the other claims.

How do you manage claims in arrears?

Over 30 years of providing medical billing services, Synapse has established close working relationships with Medicare and all the health funds and workers compensation insurers. We understand their in-house operations and know the people to approach to get things moving when payments stall. Each of the funds has its own specific way of doing business. We use our expertise to navigate these bureaucracies on your behalf and are vigilant in pursuing your interests. If additional information is required to progress the claim (e.g. clinical notes), we will contact you straight away.

Synapse keeps you advised of the status of any arrears, while hastening payment. You can track your arrears on the Synapse website by accessing your secure client log-in area. You can also watch live status updates of your billing batches being processed on the app in the sent billings list.

How do I get billing information to you?

Synapse has developed Australia’s first and most comprehensive mobile billing app, called Synapps, to provide a complete, paperless billing solution. Synapps also has Australia’s only medical billing rules engine which we are committed to continuing to develop for as long as it takes. Our clients download Synapps to their mobile device (smartphone or tablet) from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android). Billing details are entered into the app and sent directly to Synapse with the press of a button. We know that billing is the bane of your practice and we want to make it as easy and convenient as possible, without ever compromising compliance.

Once I send my billings to Synapse, how do I know what’s going on?

Just check your app for live updates! You will receive real time updates as your billings are being processed. Here’s an explanation of the various statuses you will see:

New – we have received your billing

In Progress – we are processing your billing

Final Check – a team leader is doing final quality assurance to ensure compliance

Completed – done and sent!

Delayed – it appears your claims have missing or incorrect information, or something just doesn’t make sense! Our senior billers are reviewing. You don’t have to do anything. We will contact you for clarification if necessary.

Claims Pending – we have completed and sent everything we can, but are missing information on some claims. We have tried to obtain the missing information ourselves but have been unsuccessful. You have received an email or call from us.

Query – we have contacted you 3 times by email for missing information, but have not received a reply. We know you are busy but we can’t make up billing details and need your help. No further action will be taken until we hear from you.

On Hold – usually a provider registration issue. You don’t need to do anything. We will contact you.

How often should I send through my billing information?

Use Synapps to send through your billing information according to your own preferences. You can send your billings to Synapse:

  • one patient at a time
  • one consult list or round at a time
  • each day
  • each week
  • each month

Once you send us your billing details, Synapse takes care of the rest. The next step for you will be receiving payment.

How much do you charge?

Synapse charges a small percentage of the payments we successfully return to you each month. There are no hidden costs awaiting you – our invoice is based directly on the payments you receive during the period. This means that any extra work involved in processing a particular bill is our problem, not yours. It also means that if you don’t do much billing over a month, you only pay a small amount.

The percentage fee we charge is based on the nature and volume of your work. Please contact us to discuss the rate appropriate for you. We guarantee that by using Synapse you will save a significant amount on the administration costs you currently incur processing and chasing up your own bills.

What type of billings can I send?

Synapse has experience in all types of medical claims used in Australia. We process:

  • no gap claims
  • known gap claims
  • billing direct to patients
  • billing to third parties (e.g. insurers, solicitors)
  • Medicare bulk billing
  • Veterans Affairs claims.

If I only see a few private patients each month, can I still use Synapse?

Yes you can. No client is too small. In fact, specialists who see just a few private patients often don’t have the established resources to deal with inpatient billing. We are delighted to help.

Can you bill my outpatients?

Yes. We also bill outpatient services for many of our clients. We would be happy to discuss this service with you if it would assist your practice.

How do you manage informed financial consent?

Synapse provides an informed financial consent service (see more information under Billing Services) or, if you prefer to manage this process yourself, you can freely access the four Medical Fee Estimate templates located in the members’ area of the Synapse website. The templates can be adapted to suit your practice, irrespective of which billing method you use.

What sort of reports do you provide?

Every month we provide clients with a detailed list for the period, including:

  • a one page snapshot summary for your Accountant
  • details of all amounts billed
  • details of all amounts paid
  • details of all amounts outstanding.

Monthly reports and quarterly BAS summaries are also provided to all clients. We are happy to provide additional reports, or tailor reports to suit your needs, upon request.

If I join Synapse, am I locked in?

You are free to leave anytime. We understand that your circumstances may change and will help make the transition to any new arrangements as smooth as possible. Because we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try Synapse at any time and see how it works for you. We are confident you will wish you’d done it sooner!

Can you assist an Australian public hospital with medical billing?

Yes, we have worked with many finance departments in Australia’s public hospitals to assist them with their medical billing. We have case studies to demonstrate our success in this area, which has typically resulted in Synapse becoming a long term partner supporting the in-house team.

What about medical billing systems in other countries?

Synapse is a truly global company with clients in many jurisdictions. We are familiar with all billing and coding systems around the world and process claims every day using other billing frameworks such as the commonly used ICD and DRG based systems, including the different modifications of each.