Appointmaid FAQs

Can I use my existing telephone number?

Yes. You can provide us with any number (landline or mobile) and we will set up your Appointmaid line to connect with that number. Alternatively, we can provide you with a new number for Appointmaid.

Who will be answering my calls?

We assign a select few members of our specialist Appointmaid team to your number, so your phone will always be answered by someone who is familiar with your practice and your preferences. The more time you spend with us, the more our staff get to know about how you like things done. Our personal, friendly service is like having your own receptionist.

What are your operating hours?

Depending on the Appointmaid package you choose, a member of our experienced team will answer all calls to your practice between 8.30am and 5.30pm in all Australian time zones on all business days in your state or territory. Voicemail after hours.

Is my Appointmaid line exclusive to me?

Yes it is. You can use your Appointmaid number for all your practice materials (e.g. letterhead, business cards).

What sort of clients do you service?

We handle medical clients of all sizes – from sole practitioners to large practices, outpatient departments and allied health organisations. Appointmaid is tailored to your practice and reflects your way of doing things.

How does the appointments calendar work?

You (or your staff) are provided with website log-in details to access your secure Appointmaid calendar. You can edit the calendar at any time, knowing that we are using the same calendar and will see and respond to your changes.

Do you handle all inquiries?

Appointmaid is a full medical reception service, so we handle everything you would expect from a medical receptionist.

What happens if someone wants to contact me urgently? Can you transfer the call to me or my staff?

Our highly trained team will take urgent calls and respond appropriately depending on the particular situation. We will then pass the relevant information directly on to you or your staff – subject, of course, to your preferences. If a GP or other medical professional wants to speak to you, we can transfer the call straight through to you, again depending on your preferences.

What kind of questions are you able to answer?

Our friendly staff respond to general inquiries, such as directions to your practice, website details, pricing and other such information. Because we are medical support specialists, with highly trained and experienced health sector professionals on staff, we have an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system and are able to answer many of your patients’ other questions as well. In the case of medical inquiries, we can direct your patients to your preferred point of contact.

Will Appointmaid work if I don’t have a receptionist when patients arrive?

Yes of course. We have clients who have chosen not to have a ‘meet and greet’ person in attendance at their clinics. If you would like us to, we can give very specific directions to your patients about where to wait when they enter your practice (e.g. “When you open the door of the suite, take a seat on the green lounge and doctor will be there as soon as she is finished with her current patient”).

Are there lock in contracts?

No. The Appointmaid service is billed monthly which means you can leave at the end of any month. You may want an ongoing Appointmaid service, or you may want to use us for a limited period only – for a couple of weeks while a staff member is away or when your practice is going through a busy time.

How long does it take to get started?

Once we have your line connected and we know your booking preferences, we can begin taking your calls. This can be as quick as same day, or sometimes it may take a few days more depending on your current phone provider.

Will you answer my calls when I’m on holidays?

Yes, we will.

How do I pay my monthly account?

You can pay by credit card or direct debit of your bank account, whichever you prefer.

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