Synapse is proudly the first Australian provider of medical billing, transcription and administrative services to achieve registration to ISO 9001 for the quality management system in our Sydney and Melbourne offices. With this guarantee in place you can be more certain than ever that Synapse is the safe and expert pair of hands you need to handle your medical administration needs.


Our vision is to see clinicians freed from unnecessary paperwork so they can focus on their patients.



We are passionate about:

  • Improving efficiencies in the delivery of medical administration services
  • Improving the experience of doctors and patients in the Australian healthcare system
  • Medicare and its long term viability.


  • We are trustworthy and transparent in all our dealings
  • We take our role as gatekeeper for the integrity of millions of Medicare payments seriously
  • We do what we say we are going to do
  • We respect and listen to others, nurture an inclusive work environment and challenge any form of unfair discrimination.


  • We exceed client expectations and seek to delight them at every opportunity
  • We use technology and innovation to maximise our own efficiency as well as our clients’ efficiency.
  • We consult widely and encourage feedback so we can improve our services and become a better business.


We will be the most trusted provider of administrative solutions for the Australian health sector through our relentless focus on quality, innovation and security.

We will harness technology to develop innovative solutions that are convenient, affordable and just work. We will constantly seek to improve, grow and find new ways to support the efficient delivery of medical services. We will develop successful business relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

We will be a progressive workplace with strong leadership, an obsession with high standards, respect for diversity, social awareness and a commitment to creating exceptional professional development opportunities for all members of our team.

By freeing clinicians to focus on patient care, we will contribute to improved health outcomes for all Australians and a sustainable healthcare system.


The Synapse rewards program is a means for Synapse to give back to the health sector by funding medical research and equipment.

Synapse clients can use points earned through the program to purchase selected health products or services or fund research projects that comply with government policies and are consistent with Synapse values.

They can also opt to pool their loyalty points across departments within a hospital or within a practice. This makes it possible to fund a part-time research assistant, for example, or purchase much-needed medical equipment after only 12 months.


The Medical Software Industry Association

The Australia India Business Council

Health Informatics Society of Australia

Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce